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Brewertea is the platform for tea minded people

We love tea and want to share with you how wonderful it is. This platform is dedicated to showcase the best tea brands, tea bar hotspots and experiment with tea recipe's. We educate you about tea trends and let you gain knowledge about health benefits. We review equipment and guide you in the online shopping scene of tea producers, tea blenders and tea resellers. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for the best articles for tea lovers. Enjoy your cuppa!

We love tea

Tea is one of natures greatest gifts. The tea brews heals, soothes, calms, energizes and inspires. It’s culture and tradition. It’s about bringing people together and creating memories. Or to establish daily routines for you and your loved ones. It’s great to enjoy at home or out and about.

Drinking tea may aid weight loss

In a world with sugar in almost all of our ingredients, tea is a drink that is a healthy addition to your diet. If you drink it without sugar of course. Also the natural caffeine is not so strong as coffee. With lots of tea flavors to choose from, there is always a taste for your liking.

Drinking tea is creating quality time

Drinking tea is not only something you do alone, but it’s a part of daily life. Memories and family moments are being created over a cup of tea. Let’s make more quality time!