About Brewertea

About Brewertea

Brewertea’s content platform is made for healthy minded people that love tea.

If you like to try new flavors of tea, experiment with loose tea’s in your kitchen or like to go out for a cup of specialty tea. We have the content about this popular beverage just for you.

For hipsters that discovered their sense butts drinking coffee, but want to capture that same level of intensity while drinking tea. Or your spiced chai latte. Or your fresh mint tea in that awesome bar in Amsterdam. Or around the corner in your uni town. Yes, it’s here. Your online guide to the best teas. For your home. For your weekend. For your holiday gift. For your travel souvenir. Or even in the office or at the university.

Our mission

Brewertea loves to share our knowledge and educate you about tea trends.
We hoping to provide you with good information to discover and buy your tea online, educate you about tea in the process and direct you to the hottest tea joints, tea bars and tea rooms in your city, state or countries.

We are dedicated to:

  • Showcase the best international tea brands
  • Review Victorian, Asian & modern tea bar hotspots
  • Publish exciting new tea recipe’s
  • Review tea equipment
  • Showcase teaware designs

And most of all we like to guide you in the online shopping scene of tea producers, tea blenders and tea resellers to help you make choices for your next cup of tea.

Enjoy and let’s put the kettle on!

The content team of Brewertea all have a passion for tea and we hope that you will enjoy this content. We welcome feedback, ideas and contributions from our beloved readers. We are willing to co-create content and have collaborations with tea brands and tea industry professionals.

If you want to contact us, fill in the form and we will get in touch with you.