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Cup of Tea Guide: Yogi Tea

Cup of Tea Guide: Yogi Tea

That tea is a healthy choice is true. The brand of Yogi Tea is all about health and wellbeing. About 40 years ago the company began to make spice and herbal tea’s following the Ayurvedic based tea recipes. Organic ingredients are the norm and on the package a daily Yoga exercise is displayed.  This is one of the most well known brands in organic stores. The collection of herbal and spice blends consists over 60 flavors.

In short:
Brand name: Yogi Tea, a privately owned brand of the East West Tea Company, LLC
Homebase: Germany & Oregon, USA
Works together with: The Medadumbara Education Project, The Kumari ProjectNevandra Association & Naturefund
Famous for: Herbal Detox Tea
Brewertea recommended try: Bedtime tea
Where to shop online: Amazon has a selection of the teas from Yogi Tea available in the USA. In stores you can find them at Trader Joe’s and other chains.
Where to buy  as a souvenir while traveling: In France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Poland and Portugal there are stores that carry the Yogi Tea brand.
Packaging: Paper tea bags, one bag makes 8 fl. oz
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The history of Yogi Tea

Yogi Bhajan is the founder of Yogi Tea. He is an Indian spiritual teacher who brought the Sikh religion to the West. He began teaching Kundalini Yoga in America in 1969. After each yoga class, he served a spiced tea to his students, which they affectionately named “Yogi Tea”. The tea was a blend of five traditional Ayurvedic spices: cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and black pepper. Ayurvedic medicine holds that this combination of spices has unique, healthful properties so they are still included in many current formulas.

In the 1970s, students of Yogi Bhajan opened Golden Temple Vegetarian Restaurants in the United States, Canada and Europe. Through these restaurants, Yogi Tea was sold to the public, leading to the creation of the Yogi Tea Company in 1984. Over the next couple of years, the business developed a nationwide distribution network, with finely ground spices packaged in teabags in three varieties. In 1988, Yogi Tea’s team of herbalists expanded the line to include a number of formulas developed to address specific health needs.

The flavors from the tea blenders

Caramel Apple Spice Slim LifeDetox PeachBlueberry Slim LifeBedtimeChai RooibosClassic India Spice
Chai BlackMother To BeChai GreenBerry DetoxCinnamon Vanilla Healthy SkinEgyptian Licorice
Cinnamon Berry Probiotic BalanceNursing SupportEnergy GreenBreathe DeepSoothing Caramel BedtimeEgyptian Licorice Mint
Raspberry Ginger Digestive VitalityRaspberry LeafGreen Tea Kombucha DecafCalmingGinger
Raspberry Passion Perfect EnergyWoman's EnergyKombucha GreenCold SeasonKava Stress Relief
Refreshing Mint Vital EnergyWoman's Moon CycleLemon GingerComforting ChamomileRoasted Dandelion Spice Detox
Sweet Tangerine Positive EnergyMuscle Recovery GreenDetoxSt. John's Wort Blues Away Caffeine free
Vanilla Spice Perfect EnergyPomegranate GreenEchinacea Immune SupportTahitian Vanilla Hazelnut
Pure GreenHoney Lavender Stress Relief
Pure Green DecafJoint Comfort
Super Antioxidant GreenThroat Comfort
Triple Echinacea GreenTulsi Spiced berry Immune Support

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