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Cup of Tea Guide: Pickwick

Cup of Tea Guide: Pickwick

At brewertea, we love to drink a tea that has good story. And this brand certainly has one! In this Cup of Tea Guide we are sharing the story of the most famous brand of the Netherlands, named Pickwick. Their assortment includes black teas, flavored teas, green teas, herbal teas and a wide selection of delicious spices. Review the assortment table for your favorite!

In short:
Brand name: Pickwick from Jacobs Douwe Egberts, a global tea and coffee company since 1753.
Home base: The Netherlands
Works together with: Ethical Tea Partnership, UTZ
Famous for: flavored black tea with fruit flavors
Brewertea recommended try: Tropical Fruit black tea
Where to shop online: Amazon has a selection of the teas from Pickwick available in the USA
Where to buy  as a souvenir while traveling: Almost all of the supermarkets in the Netherlands carry this brand as it’s the number one brand of Holland. Traveling to Amsterdam or other parts of the Netherlands? You can easily find Pickwick Tea there.
Packaging: Paper tea bags of 2 grams / 0,7 ounce per bag
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The history of Pickwick

Pickwick is the tea devision of the Dutch Douwe Egberts company, selling tea from 1753. The brand name Pickwick was chosen by director Johannes Hessel’s wife in 1937. It is recalled that she was inspired by Charles Dicken’s Pickwick Papers. In 1957 the teabag was invented and has been an iconic part of families cup boards. Pickwick truly is a brand with a lot of childhood memories for many.

Pickwick teabags origamiIn Joure, Friesland there is museum dedicated to Douwe Egberts, the founder of the tea and coffee company. In 1978 the family, that was running the tea company for seven generations, decided to sell the company. A few mergers and take overs occur. It gained shareholders and eventually JAB bought the company in 2013 and removed it from the stock market. The company has a history of 260 years. Quite an impressive track record!

You can taste the experience in selecting the best teas in the colorful selection of teas and teabag designs. Funny fact, the paper tea bag packaging are used for origami crafts.

In 2011 the Dutch Blend was introduced. The tea blenders found transcripts in the company archives dating back 400 years ago, when the Dutch VOC ships first brought tea back from Indonesia and even introduced England to this wonderful kind of trade. To honor this remarkable celebration they created a blend for it. Pickwick also made a special teaware set for the Dutch Royal Family for this occasion.

The flavors from the tea blenders

Ceylon TeaCherry (Kers)Green Tea CoconutChamomileRooibosApple Pie
Dutch Tea BlendForest fruits (Bosvruchten)Green Tea CranberryMintRooibos Citrus FruitsAutumn Storm
Earl GreyFruit Fusion Citrus & ElderflowerGreen Tea Mango & JasmineStars MintRooibos HoneyCaramelised Pear
English Tea BlendFruit Fusion Plum, Vanilla & CinnamonGreen Tea Original LemonWild Raspberry RoseRooibos Mango & PeachCinnamon
Fruit Garden VarietiesGreen Tea PureDelicious Spices Fruit Punch
Lemon (Citroen)Green Tea VarietiesDelicious Spices Sweet Apple
MangoDouble Green Tea, Apple & LemongrassLiquorice
Orange (Sinaasappel)Pure Double Green Grape/ LemonverbenaMinty Morocco
Strawberry (Aardbei)Pure Green OriginalTurkish Apple
Tropical FruitWinter Glow

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