best tea maker 2017

Best tea maker

Best tea maker

With so many good options out there to brew a good cup of tea, what is the best tea maker? Well, to answer that question we need to explain a little bit more about what kind of options there are to make a perfectly steeped tea.

Where are you brewing your cup of tea?

Tea is a part of daily life, and you can enjoy the beverage in the morning, during work, when the kids come home from school, with friends in a coffee or tea shop or at a restaurant after diner. But also while traveling you might enjoy a cuppa. To generalize these locations of your perfect tea moments we use these classifications for brewing tea locations:

Make tea at home
Make tea at work
Make tea while traveling
Make tea while camping

This article is about the best tea maker for making tea at home.

What kind of tea are you using?

There is a difference in making tea with loose tea vs tea bags. The difference is in the straining of the leaves. For a teabag, all you need is a cup, hot water and a tea bag holder. But if you are using loose tea more equipment is needed. The way the loose tea leaves are steeping in your hot water can be done by a filter bag, a tea egg, a tea ball of a steeping spoon. The leaves can also be poured straight in the hot water, but then you need a drainer.

A though about hot water

Water is an important element of brewing a good cup of tea. Every region in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia have a different hardness of drinking water. Water companies also vary in the components of your tap water en therefore have a different quality of tap water. You should make a choice if you use regular tap water, filtered water or even bottled water. Then there is the case of boiling water. Do you use an electronic water boilers, kettle for the stove, use the microwave of do you have an boiled-water tap in your kitchen? Brewertea is not recommending the use of a microwave if possible. At sea level the point of boiling water is 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius. If your water is not boiled properly, then a white foam appears on your tea.

Well, we have a mug, boiled water and the loose tealeaves. Now what! Mentioned is the need for a drainer when using loose tea leaves.

Brewertea’s top pick for a tea maker is:

Black Teavana Perfectea Maker: 16oz

The reason we like this drainer so much is the easy way that you can add the loose leaves in the cup, pour hot water over the leaves and close the lid. It is an inexpensive tea equipment that you can use many times.

Because it is a transparent plastic, you can see how the flavors of the tea leaves are released to the water. It’s like watching a dance of flavor swirls of yummie happiness in the making. It also allows you to control the steeping time very well. The shorter the brewing time, the lighter the tea. The color depends also of the kind of the leaves of course.

When you have determined that you steeped the tea to your liking, pick up the perfect tea maker and place it over the cup of mug. By placing the plastics cup over the edge of your teaware, the water is released and send through the strainer. In your cup you have now a perfect batch of tea. The loose tea leaves remains in the drainer. You can easily repeat this process by adding more hot water. If you want to clean the device, we advice to not put this item in the dishwasher, but to manually wash it.

The perfect tea maker consists of three pieces:

  1. A plastic placeholder so your table doesn’t get dripped upon.
  2. The plastic tea maker with a lit attached
  3. Inside the tea maker is the strainer, that can be removed for cleaning purposes.

The Perfect tea maker is available in different colors: Black, Pink, Lime Green, Fuchsia and Blue.
Teavana carries two sizes, however for the price quality we recommend using the 16 oz. A small cup consists of 8 oz, a large mug 16 oz and a teapot 32 oz. The retail price of the Black Teavana Perfectea Maker: 16oz is $23,90.

The Perfect tea maker is available in the Teavana’s shops and on online stores like Amazon.

Brewing your tea

With all the tea equipment in place, let’s start making tea. The next step is to start the brewing process.

  1. Pick out a your piece of teaware that you want to use. For example a 16 oz. mug.
  2. Pick out your blend of loose tea. What flavor do you feel like? Do you want caffeine in your tea or rather not? What time of the day is it? Do you crave a certain flavor? Picked one? Perfect!
  3. Boil your water
  4. Add leaves to the Perfect Tea Maker. One teaspoon of leaves is enough.
  5. Pour the boiled hot water in the Perfect Tea maker.
  6. Let the tea leaves steep the tea to your desired time of color of the tea.
  7. Take the Perfect Tea Maker en place it on the edge of your mug.
  8. Careful, the contains of your mug is hot. Let it cool a little but before you burn your mouth.
  9. Inhale the scent, take a deep breath and savor your moment for yourself. Enjoy!