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Tea Gift Guide for Carol

Tea Gift Guide for Carol

“Carol is a lady of tradition, it run’s through her daily life like no other. She lives in a metropolitan city. Things from the past and antiques is something she treasures. She is often active in social circles that host fundraisers for the preservation of culture, history and heritage. Her high tea’s are unparalleled.” 

Do you know a Carol? Or have a person in mind that sounds like her and you need to shop a gift for? Then you are at the right place. In this tea gift guide we list our recommendations for gifts concerning tea. If you want to explore other tea gift guides, click here.

Brewertea helps you with finding the best gift for your mother, friend, colleague of wife. We based these gift guides of a few characteristics. We hope to help you in your online buying proces to find a perfect gift!

Recommended tea for Carol: Black tea

Black tea might be the most well know sort of tea worldwide. It is rich in tradition. In the 17th century the European explorers discovered the delicious substance in the East Indies and transported it through Europe. The Dutch supplied the English with their first serve of tea and they adopted it within a heartbeat. That is, under those high society ladies who could afford such luxury.

Black tea is completely fermented and oxidized. Black tea is generally the strongest in flavor. Like wine the processed crops can be blended into a stable blend that year after year has the same quality and taste.

Recommended tea blend for Carol: Lapsang Souchong

This tea is grown in the Fujian province of China. The plucked leaves are withered over pine fires, pan-dried and rolled and placed in bamboo baskets and smoked over smoldering pine wood fires. That proces gives the Lapsang Souchong its assertive yet smooth flavor. “Souchong” refers to the fourth and fifth leaves of the tea plant, further away from the more highly prized bud of the tea plant. These leaves are coarser than the leaves closer to the bud and have fewer aromatic compounds, but the smoking process reveals it aromatic flavor notes. Therefore this tea is referred to as smokey tea. It is a little bit lower in caffeine than other black teas. That makes that this full-flavored tea is suited for both in the morning or later in the day.

It pairs also good with strong cheese, dark chocolate and single malt whiskey. The color in your cup is a golden-coppery one, if the tea is properly brewed. This blend was the favorite of Winston Churchill, who enjoyed it often with a cigar.

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