Asian Tea House

An asian tea house is a tea room with an asian design and atmosphere. Both Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese tea room fall under this term.

What are the best tea rooms of Pittsburgh?

Where to drink a cup of decent tea when you’re in Pittsburgh? Brewertea list the favorites of the Steel city. Did you know that the city even has it own Tea association? With so many good places to get a cup to tea it’s not hard to list our favorites of Pittsburgh. Or maybe it does! In any case, if you are in the neighborhood, check out these places. Arnold’s Tea 502 E Ohio StRead More →

brewerteapedia - what is a tea room?

In this episode of “Brewerteapedia” we dive in the question of what classifies as a tea house? The answer to this question is simple, it’s an establishment that serves tea. But with so many names that are used, what is the difference between a tea room, a tea house, a tea joint and a tea bar? Well, that is open to interpretation. But here at Brewertea we divide the tea rooms that we list accordingRead More →