Green Tea

Healthy benefits of tea

Yes, tea is a beverage that is from a natural resource and the common belief is that tea is healthy for you. Over the years a number of claims have been made about the general benefits of tea and the positive influence on our health. A lot of research is conducted on the health benefits of tea. To prove what traditional medicine is doing for centuries. Although the scientific community is sometimes in disagreement overRead More →

How to brew iced tea

Nothing is more refreshing than a deliciously sip of your home made iced tea. And with the summer season full of festive events we are challenging you to improve your iced tea brewing skills. In this article we share our tips and tricks on the perfect “do it yourself” brew of iced tea. Forget the powder sticks that you can buy in the grocery stores, it’s contains lots of sugar and the benefit of brewingRead More →

genmaicha green tea

“Nancy is always on the go and likes to spend time on a morning run around the neighborhood. Or visit a gym or a sports club. She follows the latest trends about a healthy lifestyle. And is keen to try new healthy recipe’s.”  Do you know a Nancy? Or have a person in mind that sounds like her and you need to shop a gift for? Then you are at the right place. In this teaRead More →

sencha green tea

“Alison is always on the go and like to spend time in nature. Climbing hill, mountain or nature trail makes her happy. Being active outdoors, that’s her drill. She has a healthy mindset when it comes to food and is well educated what kind of food is good for body, soul and mind.”  Do you know an Alison? Or have a person in mind that sounds like her and you need to shop a giftRead More →