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Lady Grey Tea Twinings

“Mary has a keen eye to how things are done properly. A traditional setting for the holiday’s is what she wants and she makes sure the whole neighborhood knows it. She likes antique designs and likes historical novels and tv-series likes Outlander. She knows how to serve a proper high tea!”  Do you know a Mary? Or have a person in mind that sounds like her and you need to shop a gift for? ThenRead More →

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Cup of Tea Guide: Twinings A tea with a tradition, history and an Royal approval. That sums up Twinings, the company from Great Britain that been in the tea business since 1706. The skilled master blenders have crafted the now famous traditional blends like the English Breakfast Tea. Today you can drink the tea that once was only available to the rich and famous aristocrats of London.With more then 80 flavors of tea in their assortmentRead More →