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Tea bar has a modern interior with often sustainable materials and a focus on design. The tea is often served in white porcelain. Simplicity is the magic word for this type of tea rooms. The menu consists often with new experiments with exiting new tea recipe’s and tea beverages.

brewerteapedia - what is a tea room?

In this episode of “Brewerteapedia” we dive in the question of what classifies as a tea house? The answer to this question is simple, it’s an establishment that serves tea. But with so many names that are used, what is the difference between a tea room, a tea house, a tea joint and a tea bar? Well, that is open to interpretation. But here at Brewertea we divide the tea rooms that we list accordingRead More →

brewertea review best tea rooms of portland oregon usa

Portland is known for it’s ecopreneurship, creativity and green lifestyle. And with almost 60 procent of the Oregon folk living in the metropolitan area, lots of amazing tea business resides here as well. So, where to drink a cup of healthy tea when you’re in town? There are so many that we made a list just for Portland. From Kombucha microbreweries to Chinese, Japanese and even Russion Tea experiences, you can find it all. InRead More →

brewertea review best tea rooms of oregon usa

Where to drink a cup of decent tea when you’re in the Pacific North West? Beaver state has many to be honest. With Portland as a tea heaven there is a lot to choose from. We list the twelve best tea rooms of Oregon. If you want to stay in the city of Portland, see the article “The Best Tea Rooms of Portland”. From British atmosphere to kombucha happy hours. What is your cup of tea?Read More →

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Where to drink a cup of decent tea when you’re in the Pine Tree State? A nice cup of blended tea with local blueberries? With Portland and it’s many touristic towns there are a lot of good hot spots to choose from. We list the eight best tea rooms of Maine. Clipper Merchant Tea House 32 Main St, Bridgton, MAINE Clipper Merchant Tea House is located at the historic William Perry House in downtown Bridgton.Read More →

Tea rooms alabama

Alabama, the beautiful state of the southern eastern region of the USA, is famous for “The Hart of Dixie”, the Alabama Shakes and cotton. If you’re visiting, drinking tea in tea rooms in Victorian homes and bed & breakfasts is a must do. In this article we list the best tea rooms of the Yellowhammer state. Smith-Byrd House Tea Room 137 N. Washington St. | Prattville, ALABAMA The bed & breakfast tearoom is located inRead More →