The best tea rooms of Arizona

The Best Tea Rooms of Arizona

The Best Tea Rooms of Arizona

Where to drink a cup of decent tea when you’re in the Grand Canyon State? What are the best tea rooms of Arizona? To drink a nice cup of blended tea with prickly pear cactus fruit perhaps? Arizona is well known for it’s big metropolitan area’s of Phoenix (“The valley”) and Tucson. But the magic really happens in university town Flagstaff. The hometown of the Northern Arizona University has the number one spot on Brewertea’s directory of the best tea rooms of Arizona.

Steep Leaf Lounge
1 E Aspen Ave | Flagstaff, AZ

Steep Tea Lounge Flagstaff Arizona
Steep Tea Lounge Flagstaff Arizona
The historic downtown of Flagstaff is a sight to see. The pink church, the Weatherford hotel with the pine cone hanging from the ceiling or hiking up mount Humphreys. Flagstaff has so much to offer. The tea bar & shop Steep is right in the middle of the city and an ideal place to rest up. Or work with a view of the magnificient town. And to sip some lovely tea at Steep. They serve some delicious chai’s! So the next time you are one a sight seeing trip to the Grand Canyon, make sure to stop on the route 66 and drink a lovely cup in this number one tea hotspot of Arizona.

The Chai Spot
336 State Route 179 Suite B20 | Sedona, AZ

This colorful tea bar fit’s right in with the artistic scene in Sedona. It’s motto of Peace Love & Chai says it all. This is a spot to get your chai fix. The design of this magic place is inspired by the colorful fabrics and materials of Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. It’s also a good place to open up your laptop and get some work done in a fun and loving environment. The tea bar is used for many cultural events and really is a community spirited space.

Scented Leaf Tea House & Lounge
943 E. University Blvd. Suite 165 | Tucson, AZ
308 E. Congress St | Tucson, AZ

That you find lot’s of students of the University of Arizona here is no coincidence. This tea house is full the loose teas. The owners discovered the “scented leaves” on a trip to Spain and decided to search the world for high quality teas instead of the “teadust” that was available at the time. They also opened up a second tea house in the historic downtown area of Tucson. So if you want to stimulate your senses, let the good fumes of tea leaves welcome you!

English Rose Tea Room
201 Easy Street # 103 | Carefree, AZ

This is the Valley’s best place for an traditional afternoon tea. With it’s Victorian design its a place where you see young ladies being taught on table manners and etiquettes. It’s a fun place to enjoy tea with the ladies. The owner is British and that history is really shining through the establishment and the menu. With lots of goodies from “the Mothercountry” this is the place if your heart beats faster when someone says “scone”!

Disclosure: Brewertea researches the best tea rooms of Arizona with care, however small business owners close down now and then. If you see something on this page that is incorrect, please email us so we can update this directory for your fellow tea lovers. Many thanks!