What are the best tea rooms of New Hampshire USA?

The Best Tea Rooms of New Hampshire

The Best Tea Rooms of New Hampshire

Where to drink a cup of decent tea when you’re in New Hampshire? What are the best tea rooms of the granite state? To drink a nice cup of chai tea with pumpkin perhaps? New Hampshire is well known for it’s victorian inn’s and small towns. And while driving along New Englands Region of New Hampshire why not stop and drink a cup of hot brewed tea in one of these fantastic tea rooms?

The Cozy Tea Cart
104 Route 13 | Brookline, NH

The dedication to tea history and ceremony is felt in this tea hot spot as soon as you step in! This is not just a tea room and shop. It’s a wealth of tea knowledge that is the center of this company. They educate customers with tea lectures, tasting sessions, blending workshops and yes even host a tea bingo for seniors. It’s not so much the package that counts in this tea room, but the content. The victorian afternoon tea and special events are a treat for every ladies luncheon. Do you want to enjoy the goods at a different venue? Then the tea catering service is also a very good option to capture the tea magic of the Cozy Tea Cart.

White Heron Tea & Coffee
601 Islington St #103 |  Portsmouth, NH

A quest for organic teas. That was the inspiration to start the company in the New England region. The store and cafe’s atmosphere is one of a kind. An urban feel with that magic “brewing” feel to it. Perhaps it is the fact that the roast their own coffee and brew their chai’s. They serve all kind of goods in their cafe. From English style muffins to lunch items or a take a cup to go in your really in a hurry. It’s a cool place to be seen at if you have a caffeine addiction, that is for sure!

69 High St| Somersworth, NH

An unique tea house in the middle of the historic downtown of somo, short for Somersworth. This quint little city changed from a mill town to an hidden gem in New England. With an active art scene it’s no wonder that the staff of Teatotaller surprises you with exotic new blends and interesting tea combinations. Every tea has it’s own story with the tea being the main character. Be part of that story when your drinking their teas. Secure a visit to this fun tea bistro soon!

Silver Fountain Inn & Tea Parlor
103 Silver St | Dover, NH

This victorian style inn is everything you image when thinking of the word “Tea Parlor”. Build in 1871 it’s one of New England’s historic inns. It’s blue exterior complements the blue skies of summer. The fountain on the property is not only the nam giver of the mansion, but also a great spot for pictures. Why not invite the ladies to a tea party? And if you aren’t aquatinted with the manners of a proper Afternoon tea, the venue also host etiquette lessons. Inside the mansion a true theatre is housed that can be used for larger events. Truly a great place for events and tea luncheons. Check out the availability here if you want to stay for the weekend.

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