What are the best tea rooms of Philadelphia

The Best Tea Rooms of Philadelphia

The Best Tea Rooms of Philadelphia

Where to drink a cup of decent tea when you’re in Philly area? What are the best tea rooms of the Liberty Bell city? To drink a nice cup of iced tea with a Philly Cheese Steak? Philadelphia is well known for it urban gems and Victorian architecture in the area. But contemporary and Asian influences are also found in the metropolitan area. You can step into another world when visiting the china town and the Japanese garden is one of the most beautiful ones in the USA. Brewertea lists the best Tea Rooms of Philadelphia.

The Painted Tea Cup
220 S State Rd |Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

A tea room with an relaxing atmosphere, where elegance is met with upper Darby country flavor. Just outside the city this tiny little tea room is housed in a Victorian homestead that was build in the early 1900’s. It’s decorated with everything you can imagine in the Victorian style. The attention to detail and great food makes this place a hidden jewel in Delaware County. The tea is served on the first floor’s dining room that seat 30 guests. Upstairs tea is served in several private rooms that suit tea parties for kids, families and for other events. It’s a great place to celebrate family gatherings, birthdays, or ladies luncheons. For the summer you can enjoy a serving of tea in the outdoor patio. Guest can choose from a wide selection of teas from brands like Tea Forte and Harney & Sons. The Painted Tea Cup is most famous for their High Tea offerings; make a reservation if you want to try it out.

The Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop
713 N 4th St |Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly’s has one of the most unique tea rooms and the Random Tea Room is the most extraordinary on our tea road trip. And it’s not only about tea; it’s about tea culture. Live music sessions with upcoming singer songwriters, an Etsy store and other house blended artisan tea gems can be found in this hotspot. With a background in art, it’s not a strange combination that the owner Rebecca chose to create a calm environment where health and wellness is celebrated. Want to find a good tisane blend to feel better? A herbal apothecary is available for all kinds of ailments. It’s a very low key setting where tea is celebrated in it’s purest form. And if you like the farm-industrial décor and furniture that you are sitting on, you can purchase it on the spot. Just to keep things moving at this place.

Mary Cassatt Tea Room & Garden
210 W Rittenhouse Square |Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This elegant Afternoon Tea hot spot is housed inside the famous Rittenhouse Hotel. It’s a good escape from city life to step into an area of beauty and tradition. With a wide selection of leaf teas and tisanes and a delicate balanced food parings it’s a not a wonder that this is named the “the best place for a High Tea”. It’s not only their love for tradition and tea culture, but also the local ingredients and Philly flair that makes their menu spectacular. Their house blended signature tea consists of hints of Ceylon, bergamot, rose petals, cardamom and borage. Delicious!

Tilly Mint’s Tea Room
20 W Chestnut St | Souderton, Pennsylvania

That drinking tea is a daily habit, is something the owner of this lovely tea room is very familiar with. Nicknamed by her British mother Tilly Mint’s Tea Room establish that sense of environment where every problem can be solved with a good conversation over a good cup of tea. The proces of boiling water, preparing the tea china and selecting the fine tea’s for every mood is a skill that should reside in everyone. Their selection of tea’s and genius menu of soups, salads and savory bites to accompany a pot of tea is something to try for certain!

The Talking Tea Cup
301 W Butler Ave |Chalfont, Pennsylvania

Housed in a beautiful restored farm house that has over 250 year of history in it’s atmosphere. Standing of ground that was granted in 1683 to William Penn. In 1752 the historic homestead was build upon this land by William James. And it’s still standing strong. This charming tea room is not only famous for it’s location, but also for it tea and food paring. Like wine, tea is meant to complement the meal and enhance flavors, while keeping the food the centerpiece of the meal. With a selection over a 100 different tea’s for every season, food arrangement of time of day there is a suited tea companion for your high tea dish or pastry.

Special Teas Tea Room
100 Ridge Rd # 37 | Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

Housed in the Olde Ridge Village Shoppes, this tea room is the best place for scones. It’s a good lunch spot of to get a pot of tea with kids.

Simpson House Tea Room
110 Pottstown Pike | Chester Springs, Pennsylvania

Housed in a 1890 Victorian farmhouse with green shutters and a beautiful porch, you are in for a tasty event. The Simpson Tea Room is a quint location that is focussed on lunch delicates. Sandwiches paired with a pot of tea is a great way to have a simple luncheon with a group of friends. They cater well for private functions as well in their Rose room, Ben Grey Room of Taylor Room.

The Village Teahouse
1919 W Point Pike | Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Another historic mansion turned into Tea Room. You can feel the vibe of the North East! The old Victorian home was built in 1896 and designed by Milton B. Bean.  The tree stories red brick building is standing fierce in Lansdale and is well known for the food, Afternoon tea’s and lot of fun events. This place is an unique venue where Mat Hatters Parties are often a normal state of play. But also themed events like the Mad Hatter Murder Mystery Ball or Titanic inspired events is something to book into your calendar. It’s an stress free environment that transports visitors back in time when things were more elegant and peaceful. It is every little girl’s tea party dream come to life.

The Lincoln Room
28 Market St |West Chester, Pennsylvania

Good food, good atmosphere and a dedicated staff, that sums up this tea room!

132 N 10th St |Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A contemporary Asian tea house located in China Town. If you are looking for a great selection of green and oolong teas, this is a spot for you.

Disclosure: Brewertea researches the best tea rooms of Philly with care, however small business owners close down now and then. If you see something on this page that is incorrect, please email us so we can update this directory for your fellow tea lovers. Many thanks!