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The Best Tea Rooms of Portland Oregon

The Best Tea Rooms of Portland Oregon

Portland is known for it’s ecopreneurship, creativity and green lifestyle. And with almost 60 procent of the Oregon folk living in the metropolitan area, lots of amazing tea business resides here as well. So, where to drink a cup of healthy tea when you’re in town? There are so many that we made a list just for Portland. From Kombucha microbreweries to Chinese, Japanese and even Russion Tea experiences, you can find it all. In this article we list the twelve best tea rooms of Portland, Oregon. If you venture out of town, see our top picks for the state of Oregon for a list of other neat tea bars and high tea locations.

Steven Smith Teamaker
1626 NW Thurman St. | Portland, OREGON

Steven Smith, a Portlander, is one of the founders of Stash and a teamaker at Tazo and an global icon in the tea community. In 2009 he opened up this signature blend company in this 100 year old black smith shop. And it continues to thrive here as a place to connect and create. The tasting room is a vibrant place where it’s all about tea. Enjoy a steeped pot of something that the staff is packaging up for sale. Or taste a tea flight, where you get a four cups of tea to taste, complete with silver spoon and information about the teas you’re about to sip. Looking for something with milk instead? The chai latte’s and creamy Matcha of Darjeeling crème caramel, it’s all there. The menu changes often, so if you really like a blend, make sure you saver some for home as well!

Tea Bar
1615 NE Killingsworth St | Portland, OREGON
4330 SE Division St. | Portland, OREGON
055 NW Northrup St.| Portland, OREGON

Simplicity in tea, this company incorporate this idea in everything they do, from the interior of their three Portland tea bars to their packaging of the loose tea blends. A clean and spacious place to unwind and mindfully enjoy a cup of carefully selected tea leaves.

Stash Tea Retail Store & Tea Bar
3972 N Mississippi Ave | Portland, OREGON

Stash, isn’t that the brand from the teas in the food stores? Well yes, but luckily they have also an amazing tea bar. In this flagship store they do experiments with tea beverages like no one in the tea business. Nitro infused teas for example! In the Mississippi tea bar from Stash you can experience them, along with kombucha’s, desert tea’s, shaken iced teas and even a peach caramel cobbler tea. They also have tea flights to experience where you taste four teas in a row. It is truly a gem in the city!

Tower of Cosmic Reflections Teahouse
N.W. Everett St | Portland, OREGON
3430 Southeast Belmont Street | Portland, OREGON

A micro tea brewery with a line of bottled teas and a some of the most unique locations for a tea house. The brand of Tao of Tea Housed in the Lan Su Chinese Garden (admissions applied) the Tower of Cosmic Reflection says it all. This is a place to mindfully enjoy a good pot of tea. To have a good conversation accompanied with a quality beverages and something delicious. The good things in life! The other location from Tao of Tea is the Belmont Teahouse, where the company origin lies. With an interior with sustainable materials, you feel the connection to nature in a heartbeat.

Tea Chai Té Sellwood Caboose
7983 SE 13th Ave | Portland, OREGON

This bright red historic caboose looks small from the front, but step inside and you’ll find two lounge rooms, a main tea hall and sky box seating as well as ample outdoor seating including a private courtyard. It’s one of the two tea rooms and shops from Tea Chai Té. On the menu is the locally brewed Happy Mountain kombucha, delightful chai latte’s and more the 120 varieties of teas. They have a focus on health conscious & eco-friendly teas. A real special site to spend with friends of to do some remote working.

Townshend Tea House
2223 NE Alberta St | Portland, OREGON
3531 SE Division Street | Portland, OREGON
3917 N Mississippi Avenue | Portland, OREGON
7940 SE Stark Street | Portland, OREGON

Another innovative and sustainable tea house and tea company that has it’s roots in Portland. Their signature Brew Dr. Kombucha that found it way from the kitchen from their first tea house to a micro brewery that ships to the USA & Canada. The also make tea sprits! In the tea houses other flavors and varieties are also on the menu, like and the bubble tea made with slow-cooked tapioca pearls and real fruit concentrates. This company has been on tea scene sinds 2008 and have eight locations in three states nowadays. Green and brown are not only their brand colors, they also stand for their view on sustainability. With over a million cups of tea servings each year, recycling and other sustainable business choices are importent to them. With four locations in Portland, we at Brewer Tea, are sure that one of them will suit you!

Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants
724 NE 22nd Ave | Portland, OREGON

You might have encountered this brand of loose tea blends in a fancy restaurant somewhere in the USA. The origin of this company lies in Portland and this is also the place where there flagship store is located. Being in love with the tea pearls, this place has grown to an educator in tea. The store holds a tasting bar where a tea lover can sip their hart out!

Fly Awake’s Tea Mountain
3514 NE 13th Ave | Portland, OREGON

You’ve encountered the enchanted magical wonderland if you found this tea hot spot. Their claim “Our Chinese teas are phenomenal, pu-ehr cakes galore, a tea aficionados paradises. We also make chai like your Indian Grandma”. They host music outings as well in this modern tea bar.

Behind The Museum Café
1229 SW 10th Ave | Portland, OREGON

This cafe specializes in Japanese teas with a modern flare. With the owners background in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and inspired by Portland’s Japanese Garden, this cafe came from paper to bricks. The menu consists of sencha, hojicha, genmaicha, mugicha and matcha latte’s amongst others. A lot Japanese art and crafts are also displayed or even practiced in this unique tea house.

Red Robe Tea House & Cafe
310 NW Davis St Ste Ave | Portland, OREGON

The Chinese experience, that is what this tea house is famous for. Their classic is the Gong Fu tea service a Chinese tea ceremony that will dazzle you. With detail and time they will explain to you the story behind every tea, how is it poured, and the reasons as to why the black teas belong in clay pots and green ones in glass pots. So if you need to get an asian fix, you now know the place for it!

Headwaters at the Heathman
1001 SW Broadway | Portland, OREGON

This landmark hotel has been known for it tea services for decades. The restaurant of this fine establishment is currently operating a Russian Tea Experience. Say what? They drink tea in Russia as well. Yes, and it looks like they have a sweet taste too. It is also used for a lot of purposes, a hangover, to cure and illness or to sip away some lovesickness. The Magnificent Samovar is the main ingredient. It is a mini-stove, using charcoal or wood. Water in its boiling chamber is heated through the chimney funnel at the center. This keeps the heavy black tea mix in the pot at the top warm. A faucet/spigot pours hot water to dilute this zavarka or brew a herbal drink. Quite an experience you to have this one on your table. Russian Tea is served on Saturdays at noon and 2:30 p.m. only and reservations are required.

English Garden Tea Cafe
11211 SE 82nd Ave | Portland, OREGON

A traditional Victorian Tea Parlor, that was the dream of the owner of the English Garden Tea. And her dream came to a reality! She created a traditional space where the ladies of sweet taste can drink and make memories. A variety of sweet dishes, sandwiches and cakes accompanies a good pot of tea in fine china at this location.

Disclosure: Brewertea researches the best tea rooms of Portland with care, however small business owners close down now and then. If you see something on this page that is incorrect, please email us so we can update this directory for your fellow tea lovers. Many thanks!