brewerteapedia - what is a tea room?

Brewertea explains: What is a Tea House?

Brewertea explains: What is a Tea House?

In this episode of “Brewerteapedia” we dive in the question of what classifies as a tea house? The answer to this question is simple, it’s an establishment that serves tea. But with so many names that are used, what is the difference between a tea room, a tea house, a tea joint and a tea bar?
Well, that is open to interpretation. But here at Brewertea we divide the tea rooms that we list according to a few categories. With a lot of new and and unique places popping up, for example in Portland, Oregon, it is helpful to know what to expect beforehand.

Tea Room

Worldwide the definition of a tea room is that it’s a out of home commercial place that serves tea. It might be an place where they serve lunch or high tea’s, and perhaps have some tea to sell as well. It is the general term that is most often used. Sometimes it’s a room in hotel, a small bakery, cafe or a bed & breakfast.

In the gay scene a tea room has quite a different meaning. But if you are looking for that answer, you are on the wrong website.

Other names for an out of home place to enjoy tea

Victorian Style Tea Room

The Victorian Style tea rooms are establishments with a historic British atmosphere. It’s ambiance is sweet & feminine, with an interior with pink, pale greens and royal blue colors. The tea is served in china porcelain cups that often have a flower decoration on it. Often a place with high tea arrangements on a menu. In general term they attract a female audience.

Tea House

A tea house is a place where serving tea is the main point of interest for the commercial owner of the property often combined with selling tea’s and tea equipment. In general terms they attract both a female as a male audience.

Asian Tea House

An asian tea house is a tea room with an asian design and atmosphere. Both Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese tea room fall under this term. Boba tea houses are also housed under this category. They attract a wide variety of audiences.

Tea Bar

Tea bar has a modern interior with often sustainable materials and a focus on design. The tea is often served in white porcelain. Simplicity is the magic word for this type of tea rooms. The menu consists often with new experiments with exiting new tea recipe’s and tea beverages. In general terms they attract a younger audience of both males and females.

Tea Joint

A tea joint is just a fancy name for a tea bar. Smoking tea as a joint is not very healthy…

Tea Shop

This a place you shop for specialty teas and loose teas. Often they also sell teaware and other tea equipment. A tea shop is often combined with a tasting room or a menu that serves the teas they sell.

Flagship Store

Often a tea brand has a store in the city of origin of the company. Taste the blend in the tasting bar of enjoy a tea flight. You might learn something about the tea blending process in this type of tea room.

Coffee shop

The rise of the popularity of coffeeshops have been growing since the 1960’s. One of the origins of the coffee culture in the USA started by Alfred Peet’s coffee and tea shop in Berkely, California. As a dutch immigrant that learned the trade from his father in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, where the family had a coffee roasting shop. He also worked as a tea taster in London and a coffee taster in Indonesia before he called California his home. Among coffee historians, Peet is labeled as “the Dutchman who taught America how to drink coffee. But he had also a fine selections of tea. Nowadays in almost all of the coffeeshops you see a wide variety of teas, tisanes and tea inspired beverages.

In the Netherlands, the word coffee shop has quite a different meaning. It is a place to buy and smoke weed. If you are looking form more information about those kinds of coffee shops, you are also on the wrong website.