frequently asked question iced tea

Frequently asked questions about iced teas

Frequently asked questions about iced teas

Brewing your own iced tea is a fun and easy beverage to prepare. However there are some questions to be answered. How do you deal with cloudy iced tea? Is iced tea healthy? Is is save to drink when pregnant? Who invented iced tea? What is sweet tea? These are just a selection of the questions related to iced tea. If you want to become an expert in brewing your own batch of iced tea take a look at the frequently asked questions about home brewed iced teas below. If you want to learn more about the brewing proces, read “the nine steps to a perfect iced tea”.

What makes iced tea cloudy?

Iced tea becomes cloudy if you put the hot brew immediately in the refrigerator instead of keeping it at room temperature. The tannins (the natural compounds that color tea leaves) and caffeine particles are released in the hot water. These are bonded by stirring and by warmth. In scientific terms it’s called convection. If you stop stirring it and the iced tea is getting cold the particles aren’t bonded anymore. That is causing your brew to become cloudy.

Another reason for cloudy tea is “hard water”. The minerals in your water could be causing the cloudiness. Try filtering your water and experience if this resolves it.

Can you drink cloudy iced tea?

Yes, it is save to drink cloudy iced tea. It just doesn’t look so appealing as clear iced tea. You can solve this by adding a little bit of boiling water to the cloudy iced tea and stir it again. It’s not always a guaranteed success, it science. But worth a try if you don’t have time to make a fresh batch.

How long can you save iced tea before it goes bad?

Tea is generally save and isn’t known for transmitting diseases. And with iced tea made from boiling hot water it really is considered a safe drink. However, if tea is left to room temperature for a long period then some bacteria in the water can, in theory, develop. Recommended is to keep the iced tea no longer then 8 hours on room temperature according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Can u drink iced tea when pregnant?

If the iced tea is made from tealeaves, then it’s not recommended to drink it. The reason is because tea contains caffeine. And caffeine is a stimulant that is not good for a baby. Caffeine is raising your blood pressure and heart rate. It also stimulates the frequency of urination that may result in dehydration. Caffeine crosses your placenta. So even when your body is used to an intake of the stimulant, your unborn baby’s metabolism is not. It can change your baby’s sleep pattern. So hold off your caffeine when pregnant or breastfeeding, because it’s not only keeping you awake, but also your baby! However, it is safe to drink iced teas made from tisanes.

What kind of iced teas are caffeine free?

Iced teas that are made from black, green or white tea all contain caffeine. Rooibos is technically a tisane (tea like beverage) since it not made from the camellia sinensis plant. Also herbal teas like fresh mint tea doesn’t contain caffeine. Read the “what are tisanes” to learn a little bit more about caffeine free alternatives.

Can drinking iced tea help with weight loss?

Yes, it can. If you make your iced tea at home and leave out the sugar, honey or syrups, then it can assist with weight loss. Iced tea is essentially flavored water. It doesn’t contain any calories if you just make home iced tea using the “nine steps to brew your prefect iced tea”. Iced teas that are found in cans and bottles in your grocery store does contain other ingredients and are not recommended if you want to loose weight.

What is the best tea type to use in your “diet home made iced tea for weight loss”?

Home made iced teas from white tealeaves are the best kind for weight loss since the tea making process involves drying the tea in the sun. Leaving the most antioxidants in the tealeaves compared to green or black tea. White tea is also a source of an antioxidant that triggers the fat cells to release the fat to the liver to convert it into energy. The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism published a study that showed that white tea could block the formation of fat cells and simultaneously boost the breakdown of fat. A healthy lifestyle can be fun and tasty!

When was iced tea invented?

Iced tea had started to appear in the USA during the 1860s. Seen as a novelty at first, during the 1870s it became quite widespread. Iced tea was offered at railroad stations and printed on hotel menus. The first Printed recipes with iced tea are found in two cookbooks from 1876 (Buckeye Cookbook) and one in 1877 (Housekeeping in Old Virginia). In 1904 the popularity of iced tea increased immensely after Richard Blechynden introduce did at the World’s Fair in St. Louis. That hot summer meant fair goers were looking to cool down and what better way than with a glass of iced tea. By the First World War, Americans were buying tall glasses, which became commonly known as iced-tea glasses, long spoons suitable for stirring sugar into taller glasses and lemon forks.

Iced tea’s popularity parallels the development of refrigeration. In the middle of the nineteenth century the ice house, the icebox (refrigerator), and the commercial manufacture of pure ice, which were in place.

Prohibition also helped to spike the popularity of iced teas. In the time between 1920 to 1933 Americans looked at alternatives to drinking beer, wine and hard liquor, which were made illegal during this period.

What is the difference between sweet tea and iced tea?

Sugar is the difference. Sweet tea originates from the southern states and there the iced tea contains sugar. Sweet tea is a beverage that is not only consumed in summer but year round. In the late 1700’s the first tea plants where planted at the Middleton Place Gardens near Charleston when French explorer and botanist Andre Michaux imported the plants from Asia. In 2003 sweet tea made it almost in the law books as a Georgian State representative wrote a bill that all southern states should serve only sweet iced tea. Luckily for the ones that want to cut back on sugar that it was a joke for April’s fools day. Iced tea is generally speaking unsweetened.

Why keep restaurants iced tea at room temperature and then serve over ice?

Restaurants make iced tea in a batch for a day. The big containers that they keep their tea in are kept at room temperature. This makes that the beverage looks clear in the glass. To make it a little bit colder then room temperature they serve it in a glass full with ice cubes. That makes your cup a fresh looking and tasting beverage.

When is National Iced Tea day?

National Iced Tea Day is celebrated on Sunday June 10th in 2018.

Can you make iced chai teas?

Yes, you can! The recipe is not much different if you make home made chai tea. For a good recipe for chai, check this recipe from Stash.

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