Grow and brew your own tea? Yes you can! Make your own tea mugs? Then this is the section for you!

How to brew iced tea

Nothing is more refreshing than a deliciously sip of your home made iced tea. And with the summer season full of festive events we are challenging you to improve your iced tea brewing skills. In this article we share our tips and tricks on the perfect “do it yourself” brew of iced tea. Forget the powder sticks that you can buy in the grocery stores, it’s contains lots of sugar and the benefit of brewingRead More →

Nasa view of the world from international space station earth day

Happy Earth Day! Every year on the 22nd of April, is it Earth Day. In this article we share with you what earth day is and how you can turn your daily tea drinking habits into an Earth Day proof lifestyle. Perhaps not just for that one day in the year. There are many holidays and cultural traditions, but this day is a relatively new one. And it is here to stay. It’s a tradition thatRead More →