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Black Friday

Thanksgiving is approaching. Whilst most families are preparing for turkey dinners, family gatherings and football games outcomes, entrepreneurs and retailers are prepping for the biggest shopping event of the year. Black Friday is on November 23rd in 2018. Every year the deals are getting out earlier (or last longer). And some real good deals are being brewed up! But how to get the most out of a shopping event like Black Friday or Cyber Monday?Read More →

tea gift for mother's day

Want to spoil your mother for Mother’s Day? We celebrate this lovely tradition on Sunday May 13th 2018. At Brewertea we know how busy you are and like to help you out by giving some tips and inspiration for a gift for Mother’s Day. Since we are all about tea, we make Mother’s Day Tea Gift Guides to help you pick out something for your beloved mom. Every gift guide has some inspiration for a particular teaRead More →

genmaicha green tea

“Nancy is always on the go and likes to spend time on a morning run around the neighborhood. Or visit a gym or a sports club. She follows the latest trends about a healthy lifestyle. And is keen to try new healthy recipe’s.”  Do you know a Nancy? Or have a person in mind that sounds like her and you need to shop a gift for? Then you are at the right place. In this teaRead More →

sencha green tea

“Alison is always on the go and like to spend time in nature. Climbing hill, mountain or nature trail makes her happy. Being active outdoors, that’s her drill. She has a healthy mindset when it comes to food and is well educated what kind of food is good for body, soul and mind.”  Do you know an Alison? Or have a person in mind that sounds like her and you need to shop a giftRead More →

earl grey tea

“Elizabeth likes things pretty in pink. A southern belle, perhaps just in mind. A girly girl grown to a person who adores tradition. Downtown abbey, When calls the heart and perhaps another show from the Hallmark channel is in her to watch list on Netflix. She likes to go all out in terms of decoration and food for festivities and on traditional holidays.” Do you know an Elizabeth? Or have a person in mind thatRead More →

Lady Grey Tea Twinings

“Mary has a keen eye to how things are done properly. A traditional setting for the holiday’s is what she wants and she makes sure the whole neighborhood knows it. She likes antique designs and likes historical novels and tv-series likes Outlander. She knows how to serve a proper high tea!”  Do you know a Mary? Or have a person in mind that sounds like her and you need to shop a gift for? ThenRead More →

lapsang souchong tea

“Carol is a lady of tradition, it run’s through her daily life like no other. She lives in a metropolitan city. Things from the past and antiques is something she treasures. She is often active in social circles that host fundraisers for the preservation of culture, history and heritage. Her high tea’s are unparalleled.”  Do you know a Carol? Or have a person in mind that sounds like her and you need to shop aRead More →